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    Dynamic DATETRUNC display in Tooltip with drill up/down


      Edit: I'm referring to the tooltip labels e.g. 'Month of Datetime', 'Week of Datetime', etc.  Not the actual Datetime values - those are still dynamically updated. 


      I've got a discrete MONTH(Datetime) on columns.  This lets me drill up to Quarter, Year and down to Week, Day, Hour, etc.  The tooltip for 'Datetime' dynamically adjusts to the given datetrunc when drilling.  However, if I change any aspect of the tooltip the dynamic adjustment no longer works.


      In the attached workbook, the first sheet, the tooltip adjusts to the drill up/down.  In the second sheet it doesn't.  The only change i made to the tooltip in the second sheet is bolding the word "Profit"!  This seems to happen no matter how small the change.  This is a problem, because now I have to choose between a dynamic date label and formatting my tooltip!