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    Click View in Tableau

    Ruchika Bhandari

      I am trying to prepare a Dashboard in Tableau. Is it possible to prepare a single dashboard showing all KPIs for C level executive (not showing all the details) and if someone wants to see the details, it is possible to get it by clicking/double clicking on it (Say, in below screenshot/example, I want to show only country view in the dashboard along with other KPIs and in case I click on the US, it should show Country Plant VIew. Further, if I want to see more details, I would click on the material type of a plant and it should show Material Type - Amount chart.)


      One view to present a Dashboard is filtered view where if a country is selected, you get all details related to the country like county's plant view, Material type and Monthly Trend. So basically, all details are shown on the dashboard page for a KPI (shared below the screenshot) and multiple dashboards are required to be prepared for multiple KPIs.


      Is it possible to get such a view and if yes, how can it be done?