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    Display States/Provinces Major North American Countries - 10.3

    Aaron Lipke

      I am in the early stages of a complex mapping project and already hung up on what I thought would be the easiest step, showing a data point for each state in the three major NA countries (Canada, Mexico, U.S.)  I've searched around a good deal but haven't found a particular solution at this stage. 


      My data source is two fields, state and country.  Each populated with two character country and state abbreviations.  I can show Canada and US fine, but Tableau doesn't recognize any of the Mexican states.  If I manually match the states using "Edit Locations", I get everything showing except where States share a common abbv.  (BC = Baja California and British Columbia, CO = Coahuila and Colorado) I've tried using three char abbr for Mexican states as well with similar effect.  I have Country and State on the detail shelf. 


      The desired output is a blue dot on all NA states without having to manually match them.


      Packaged workbook attached.