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    DataServiceFailure Unable to connect to the server "localhost"...

    Daniel DeVita



      I have published data sources to the Tableau Server using Alteryx and the Tableau Data Connector tool for 10.5.  When using Tableau Desktop, I can access the data source by connecting to the Tableau Server without any issue and I was able to successfully build the dashboard and publish the workbook to the Tableau Server (10.5).


      However, when users try and access the Tableau Dashboard (or any Dashboard that uses a data source that was published by Alteryx), they receive the following error message:


      Unable to connect to the data source.

      Try connecting again.  If the problem persists, disconnect from the data source and contact the data source owner.


      <button> Try Again </button>



      Unable to connect to the server "localhost".  Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


      However, when I access the Tableau workbook using my site administrator account, the dashboard works correctly.


      Is anyone able to assist?  I can't tell if this is an Alteryx issue or Tableau Issue; or maybe it is as simple as a data source permissions issue?