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    DataServiceFailure Unable to connect to the server "localhost"...

    Daniel DeVita



      I have published data sources to the Tableau Server using Alteryx and the Tableau Data Connector tool for 10.5.  When using Tableau Desktop, I can access the data source by connecting to the Tableau Server without any issue and I was able to successfully build the dashboard and publish the workbook to the Tableau Server (10.5).


      However, when users try and access the Tableau Dashboard (or any Dashboard that uses a data source that was published by Alteryx), they receive the following error message:


      Unable to connect to the data source.

      Try connecting again.  If the problem persists, disconnect from the data source and contact the data source owner.


      <button> Try Again </button>



      Unable to connect to the server "localhost".  Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


      However, when I access the Tableau workbook using my site administrator account, the dashboard works correctly.


      Is anyone able to assist?  I can't tell if this is an Alteryx issue or Tableau Issue; or maybe it is as simple as a data source permissions issue?




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          kumar bharat

          Hi Daniel,


          From your query it looks like an authorization and permission issue with users who are trying to publish to tableau server from Alteryx.

          I suggest please Check with Alteryx administrator and tableau administrator both.


          please check if the data service is running,in windows services whether the relevant or needed service is up and running.

          Are you able to ping the servers tableau and alteryx ,please check.


          hope it helps.



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            Daniel DeVita

            Hi Bharat,


            The issue was a permissions related issue.  It wasn't actually a permissions issue with the publisher (as it was me - a site admin), but rather a permissions issue for those viewing dashboards with these data sources in use.


            I updated the permissions on the actual data source itself to the same user group that was accessing the dashboard and it worked correctly.


            Thanks again for prompting this thought Bharat.