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    Tableau Desktop generating Millions of rows

    Sergio Abraham

      Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, please let me know.


      I run Tableau Desktop (Professional Edition) 10.5.1 in a Windows 10 host.

      I have an excel file as data source with 17 sheets. In average, each sheet has 2000 rows with the exception of 2 sheets with 10000 rows each.


      I did the following join and also applied a filter, so I don't have the full list of rows in the final data

      Screenshot from 2018-05-03 12-01-38.png


      I am trying to upload my work to Tableau Public and had to make an extract of my data to upload. The problem I have is that the extract process is loading more than 70 millions of rows and Tableau Public has the 15 million row limit.

      Do you know why this may be happening? I don't understand how I am generating that number of rows. I guess it may be related to the Cartesian Product of the join, but I couldn't understand why or how to make the join again to avoid that total number of rows.


      Any help is welcome.