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    Show 1-4 tier weekly change for 79 unique dimensions in line chart

    Diogo Braga

      79 school are assigned a number 1-4 to tier. 1 = red, 2 = yellow, 3 = green, 4 = blue

      Depending on the activity, these numbers could change on a weekly basis.

      The goal is to create a viz that will show that change.

      I was able to accomplish that by showing the change in rank of each school, however, I want to show the change in the 1-4 tiers (not 79 rank).


      I got this far:



      When I apply the tier I get this, but then the schools that were in a different tier gets disconnected. Also, if the tier remains the same over time, then it should show as a straight line (in the example below it's not happening).



      Refer to sheet 5, and 6. Thank you very much.