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    Most common combination of check all that apply

    Casey Germain

      I have a survey where a customer can select up to 3 from a list of 10 options.


      I am trying to determine if there is a somewhat easy way to determine which combinations of the 10 possibilities are most common.


      I know that I could hand code every possible combination but that's over 120 possible combination so I'd rather not hand code it.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Consider making a calc that builds a string consisting of ones and zeros (or X and O, or any two distinct values) based on the three choices.


          Value for Customer-A might look like "0001001010", and customer-B "0111000000", etc.  You can create a report of this calc, and give a count of the various values.


          On the flip side, it would be pretty easy to sum up the number of Option-1 choices, and Option-2 choices, etc.. but this won't give you trends of popular combinations, which is what I think you are really going for.


          A lot of this depends on how your data is shaped too.