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    Departmental Embedded Dashboard


      I want departmental dashboards to be accessible to the entire department, and it seems logical for me to create a service account that has access to all those reports/dashboards for each department and then allow that service account to execute the embedded dashboard for anyone that has access to that webpage. For employers that use sharepoint, or confluence, access to pages can be controlled by active directory groups; so I'm ok with granting rights to run a dashboard to anyone with access to a given page in confluence/Sharepoint. This seems much more logical than setting up the permissions in both places, and makes it so I don't have to provision a dozen or more tableau licenses to people who don't even interact with a dashboard. Thus each business unit will have a service account that can be given permissions to display the departmental report and allow the user to interact but not save changes to the dashboard.


      This permission situation is somewhere between public access, and individualized access. Basically I want to embed the credentials (active directory credentials) in the embedded link in a secure way. Has anyone done anything like this?