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    Dashboard Question

    Justin Woodruff

      Good morning,

      I've got a question about dashboards. I'm working on one that has multiple containers, 15 to be exact. I put borders around all of them. My problem is this: one of them is not showing the bottom border. How do i fix this? I'm sure there has to be a way.






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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Could you post a screenshot? This usually happens when two containers overlap, gently resize by holding at the bottom of the container.

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            suman kumar

            Hi Justin, Justin Woodruff


            If bottom border is not there then there can be multiple reason:


            1.) Have you checked outer padding (Select the view which container's bottom border is not showing and then go in Layout option. You'll get outer padding option. Try to play with that) It'll help you.


            2.) your two worksheet will be in one container and you are trying to see just below of first report. it's very sensitive at the time of keeping container for each report. try to play with it by clicking select layout container option or get rid off those container and create again.


            Try with these option. It might help you. Please let me know if have any question and mark helpful just below of my answer if my solution works for you.