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    Filter data based on another filter's date range

    Edward Ostrovsky


      Hi all, I have the following user's registration funnel snippet, where user creates account and then goes through prompts with the goal of registering:


      Jan 2, 2018
      Jan 3, 2018
      Jan 4, 2018
      User Creates Account9126
      User Registers8129



      The reason Jan 4 has more registered users than accounts created is because someone from before Jan 2 can apply later.

      I have 3 date fields: dates in the table are labeled date, and I have create_account_date and registration_date for the two respective events.


      I am trying to add a date filter, where I can pick the date range of the data I want to see.

      - I added create_account_date as filter, and picked Jan 2 to Jan 4. However, that will only force min(registration date) to Jan 2, max(registration date) can be way in the future- after Jan 4.

      - I also tried forcing create_account_date = registration_date, but that understates those who registered on a day different from create_account_date, but still within the filtered date range.


      Can you please assist with a way where I can add create_account_date as filter, but have registration_date be between the filtered min(create_account_date) and max(create_account_date)?

      Thank you in advance.