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    LOD and Mixing Average/Non-Average fields

    Soumya Tejas

      Dataset Summary:

      I have Individual ID along with Year, Area and Loan Type dimensions, and the amount of loan they borrowed as the measure.

      Loan_ID=0 refers to people with no loan



      For selected Year (AYR) and Area_ID, display the below for each Loan_ID:

      1. Total number of individuals in that population

      2. Individuals with loan in that population

      3. Percentage of individuals with loan in that population


      **One individual may have more than one type of loan borrowed in the same year as well... so i am using countd here...



      1. I used the below formula to get Total # of individuals in that population (field name is Population Strength):

      {FIXED [AYR],[Area Id]:COUNTD([IID])}

      When i put this value against Loan_IDs in the same population setting, it gives me different value for each line. This should actually be a constant value for the filter settings, irrespective of the loan_id.


      2. I try to get the Percentage of Individuals with Loan in that population as:

      Individuals with loan / Population Strenght

      where Individuals with loan is:

      IF [Loan Amt]>0 THEN [IID] ELSE NULL END

      But, Tableau gives me the below error when I try to do this:

      "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments with this function"


      Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this? I am attaching the workbook for reference.




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          Jim Dehner


          I'm not certain I understand what you expect but see the attached


          the total LOD is


          a the percent is


          it returns this note - the totals include the 0 values - did know if wanted them removed





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            Soumya Tejas

            Thank you, Jim...


            The issue with percentage is fixed. However, there are issues with Population Strength. Yes, i need to include the count of individuals with no loan in overall population strength. the problem comes with below.


            I have two kind of filters,

            SET 1 - one will decide the population (like AYR and Area_ID in the example i shared earlier)

            and other SET 2 - will decide how many students got the loan, what was the % etc...


            Population strength should not get affected by SET 2 filters.


            In my real case,

            SET 1 is AYR, Class Group, Post ID, Owning Unit, Program Name


            when i use


            I get:


            When i use:

            I am getting something like below


            The correct value for total by post setting in this combination i have set is 84.


            I hope this helps in understanding the problem better. Please let me know if you are able to suggest why it is happening so. I was expecting all the row values for Total in this second case to be 84...