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    Data source joining, matching the rows and hierarchies


      I have workforce-related files from 100+ ZIP codes and thanks to my previous thread I was able to figure out how to prep them to certain extent using Tableau Prep. I am seeking more help. 

      I am attaching two samples to paint a picture for my two challenges - they are files named in the following pattern County_City_ZIP.xls. I was able to pivot them, join them and unionize them with Tableau Prep and Desktop. Here is my next set of challenges:


      If you notice, these two files, under "Occupations" tab, have a column header SOC and each SOC corresponds with an occupation description in the next column. Imagine, after establishing a union, my prepped CSV file (let's call it a Master file) has a long repetitive SOC column (and description column), because they repeat themselves across 100+ ZIP codes. Now I need to bring in the other file I have attached here: soc_structure_2010 to add some more columns to my Master file.

      In this soc_structure_2010  file, the "Detailed Occupation" (D) column should match with the SOC column from the Master, and I would like to include in the Master the corresponding hierarchically higher groups from previous column - A, B and C, where, I also would like that blank cells are filled out all the way through. Once that's done, I would like to be able to establish hierarchies. 


      Please note - the soc_structure_2010 may have more codes available than I have in my Master file, so I need to make sure these are matched properly.


      Anybody who can help me with this? Is this a Prep or just a Desktop joining challenge? In either case, could you provide some steps to follow please?