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    Add Percent of Total to Printed Report

    . Berrett.Rice

      I'm being asked to produce a printable report of some of our data, see attached. It's very Excel-like but it prints nicely. As you can see, the report is a list of Teachers, Students, and Goals that are in four categories: Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, and Priority 4.


      I'm being asked if I can include, somewhere on the printable report, the percent of Goal Areas that fall in each of the four Priority Levels. For example in Overshoe Elementary there are 9 Goal Areas in Priority 1, which (if my counting is correct) should be 14.2% of the 63 goals on the page.


      Is there a way to add that Percent Of Total maybe on a line of its own between each of the Priority Levels? If not, can I add it somewhere else?

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          Simon Runc

          hi Berrett,


          Without making any comment on Data Viz vs Text Tables !!


          One thing we can do is use a couple of Table Calculations to calculate the %age. With Table Calculations we can run the calculation at a different "grain" (or Level of Detail) from the Canvas.


          I first set up a calculation to count the number of instances in the table

          [Count of ALL goals]

          WINDOW_SUM(COUNTD([District / Building] + [Goal Area]))


          and then used this calculation in the %age

          [% of Goals]

          WINDOW_SUM(COUNTD([District / Building] + [Goal Area]))


          [Count of ALL goals]


          weird hey? both calculations are the same! By having them as 2 calculation I can change the "compute level" of each. So when I bring the [% of Goals] onto the canvas, I get the option in the Table Calculation set up to make each formula run differently. so I set it up like this




          Hope that makes sense, and is what you were after.

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            . Berrett.Rice

            Oh wow - that's perfect! I was imagining the percent totals as a new Row under each Priority group, but I like having it as it's own Column much more. This is great!


            And I'm intrigued by your comment that maybe I should be thinking about this in terms of a data viz instead of a text table! I always want to learn and get better. Should I be doing this in an entirely different way? The end goal is for teachers to be able to get a PDF print that shows them a list of their high priority Goals for their students. Is there a better way that I'm missing?


            Thanks so much for your help. This is even better than what I had hoped for.

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              Simon Runc

              glad it did the trick.


              With regards my (cheeky!) Viz vs Tables comment....Tableau is a Data Visualization tool, at it's heart and Data Viz is all about making data easier to see and understand. However it all depends on the purpose of any report/analysis. If the aim of this table, for example, is simply to convey some information to people (which they might then just need the numbers to enter into another report/powerpoint) then a table is probably easier for them to get to the number(s) they need. However if the aim is to understand some comparison between "things" (for example) or to be able to quickly pick up where updates aren't "timely" then a bit of colour can make these patterns much faster to pick up.


              With the caveat that I know nothing about this industry, your data or the purpose!...I've given your report a bit of a "viz makeover" and (hopefully) you can see it's much easier to pick up those entries that haven't had a "timely" update.

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                . Berrett.Rice

                I really like what you've done!


                This report is Tab 3 of a 3-tab workbook. The other two tabs are colorful and will be viewed on our Server. But yesterday it was brought to my attention that we need a tab with the data formatted in a way that can be easily printed so our district teams can print the results and carry them to small school districts that don't have Tableau. The idea is that we need a printable summary.


                I'm having some trouble with the printing too, by the way, so I'll probably start a new discussion on that.


                But I like the way that you've laid this out a lot! If I can add the Priority 1-4 labels on there somewhere, this will help people more easily find the Priority 1 Goals that also have not been updated in a Timely fashion. You're right that that's more powerful.


                I like it. Thanks for going the extra mile on this. I really appreciate it!

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                  . Berrett.Rice

                  Oh wait -- you do have the Priorities on there in the colored circles! I like it! Thanks again.

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                    Simon Runc

                    Glad you like it! Yes I've coloured the priority using the circles (which are a lighter the lower the priority), but you could change these so priority one stood out more. There's a lot of (very interesting) science as to why we consume information visually so much faster than text (it all goes back several hundred thousand years, and the survival methods our brains employed as they evolved to avoid being eaten by stuff! & finding things to eat). My advice, especially at the start of the journey, is to make small visual enhancements to the tables people are used to (so add a bit of colour-coding here and there), and then gradually increase the level of visualisation (although always bearing in mind the final goal...eg. if someone actually needs a number, they won't be able to get it with great precision from a bar chart, so that would need a label)