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    Percent of Total with filters using LODs?

    Jonathan May

      I have a problem that I think an LOD can solve, but I'm getting tripped up. I have a data set of school districts' enrollment and I've built in ranking and filtering options for the purpose of a dashboard. But I'm having trouble with the labeling. I need the total number of students depending on the filters chosen (grade and/or student group) to show up on each bar. That part was easy. But I also need the percent of the total student population in the district that total represents. So for example, if I've selected American Indian for Grade 3, the total shows up for each district, but I need a percent of total that that population represents in each district.


      I've tried an LOD, which I've called "Percent of Total": [Number]/{FIXED [District Name], [Grade] : SUM([Number])}


      This gives me some crazy percents, so I know I'm not doing it right.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      I've attached the workbook.