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    Fixed dashboard size ignored on other device

    Adrian Lee

      I produce some staff survey reports for HR using Tableau.  The dashboards are all fixed sized A4 so they can be saved as PDFs and printed easily.  This has been working well for a couple of years.


      The person I send the Packaged workbooks to has just got a new machine, a laptop/tablet hybrid, and everything looks wrong when she opens the workbook in Tableau Reader.


      Up till now all the work has been done in Tableau 9.1 but with the machine upgrade they have been given Reader 10.3, so I've updated the workbook to that version.


      It all looks fine on my laptop in 10.3 and I'm assuming the issue is because her machine is acting like a tablet and trying to fit things on screen differently.


      All the information I've come across so far is about producing different dashboards to fit different screen sizes but regardless of device we just want an A4 sized set of dashboards that can be printed easily.  Is it possible to do this?  I haven't done anything with tablet/mobile devices yet.