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    Downgrading of workbook versions at Tableau Server/Online

    kanchan chawla

      I was reading tableau online help are I came across the underlying snippet saying that tableau server/online asks for downgrading the workbook version before downloading.But when I am not seeing any such feature in tableau server 10.5 while downloading.Please help!!

      Thanks in advance.

      Kanchan Chawla

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          Jim Dehner

          The feature is available in Tableau 10.5 and 2018-1

          You can download down to Tableau 10.2 using the feature - In the process you save a new version of the viz without affecting the viz that you have open (ie. you  have a 10.2 version saved but you also have a 10.5 version that you are working on)


          Greta feature - use it daily



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