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    Howto filter uncomplete records of participants of a survey (dataset)???

    Mi Ma

      Hello Community!

      I have a great issue which I have to solve… and tableau is very new to me at this time!

      I have an excel file with data of participants of a survey. I've already included the data into tableau (records of participants ~200, questions ~100)

      There are now some challenges for me to filter only relevant data:

      1. Some participants (same name) are several listed. Reason: they restarted the survey several times without finishing the survey. Therefore, I'd like to exclude these uncomplete data.
      2. Only participants should be considered who answered at least – for instance – 90% of the given questions.

      How can I solve this in tableau (with formulas, etc.)? I am looking forward to receiving a step by step introduction by you – many thanks in advance!

      The variables/dimensions I use are

      • category (means question xy)
      • value (means the answer of question xy with value 1...4)
      • name (means the name of the participant


      Thank you very much in advance!!!

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          Jim Dehner

          Difficult to give a good answer without seeing your twbx workbook with the data -

          I do something similar with a client and I count the number of questions with answers then for each respondent I take the record with the max number ow questions answered (they are interested in getting all respondents even if the only answer a single question ) you could just put in a clause that the need to meet a min number or questions answered then take the max by respondent in case they have 2 records greater than your threshold



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            nikher verma

            Hi Mi Ma,


            Would you mind adding a sample data or twbx file  ?


            Now how to solve it ::


            • There must be a key attribute to differentiate among the survey i.e. participants can be differentiated .
            • Cant differentiate this on basis of name as two participants may have same name and last name.

                                                         If yes then yes we can deal with it .If not you have to create a field  for this .


            So your data may look like this .


            Participant ID  |  Name | Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 | Q5    and so on


            Now for any data which is not available use NA or it will be a NULL value .

            You have to count this NULL value or NA using COUNT .




            -Nikher Verma

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