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    VizAlerts was unable to process alert


      Hi Matt,


      as I now played again a litle bit with vizalert I just found another thing where I hope to get some help-


      In my company I have more and more people who are using Tableau and creating workbooks for their customers. As they want to send the workbooks automated to the customers I told them I have the perfect solution for them (yes, vizalerts )


      Now I added some of the workbooks to my excel sheet which I want to use as my email list and I am now getting an error like this






      The following errors were encountered trying to process your alert:

      General errors:

      You must be the owner of the workbook in order to use Advanced Alerts.

      Subscriber dejebr1 to advanced alert subscription_id 77 is not the owner, dejebr1-adm

      Alert Information:

      View URL: ********
      Subscriber: dejebr1
      View Owner: dejebr1-adm
      Site Id: Vizalert
      Project: Default


      As I can´t be the owner of all sheets is there a chance not to be the owner?