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    Beginner help: How to combine and compare survey dataset in 2 different period (waves) together?

    Jaysen Tang

      Hi all,


      I am very new to tableau but required to work with tableau on the job. I am asked to compare 2 similar survey datasets (n=600 each) with 2nd batch of questionnaires have added variables but the questions are the same.


      1. What is the best way to combine the 2 datasets, Tableau wont allow 2 datasets to merge due to formatting issues? Shall i do it manually on Excel and leave the added variables blank?

      2. As they are the same survey done in 2 timelines (waves), even if I merged them, they can only be separated by the wave variable (i.e. q1'18 and q2'18), the respondent ID could be the same, what can I do about it?

      3. can somebody share a link to how to build dashboard filters to display the tables one at a time please? my dashboard is very messy and i have the same 4 filters (Age, city, gender and waves )across the dashboard of 3 tables, i.e 3x4 = 12 filters


      Thank you all, really appreciate the help