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    I want to know how to calculrate Data from Table( such as Excel)

    관형 김

      Hi. I'm not good at  english  So. It will be defficult  understanding my Question


      I have Data with Excel table about 100 ea

      and have a date and name and int data

      such as   20180101   korea   100

                     20170202   usa       50






      I want to calculrate data with  lower 2016 year..

      but just show Total data only

      such as      Total  3000


      i had try it by using Flter but it did show me all of the data......  2014 -*2015 -2016 ....

      So, It's not easy disply on Dashbord


      plz know me  how to handle it


      such as.

      IF Date(excel) <= 20160101

      Then running_sum(sum(data(exlec))

      else "end"



      plz make funtion