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    interactive registration of tabreader 2018-1 works, command line option "-register" does not

    K H



      I want to deploy theTableau Reader 2018-1 MSI package (options ACCEPTEULA=1 AUTOUPDATE=0 DESKTOPSHORTCUT=0 REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP=1 STARTMENUSHORTCUT=1) on Windows 7.

      As part of the deployment I try to register the software automatically, following this article: Deploy Tableau Desktop . So I created the registry values like this

      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tableau\Registration\Data] "company"="Test Company" "country"="DE" "email"="test1@example.com" "first_name"="Aaaaa" "last_name"="Bbbbb" "zip"="12345"


      Using tabreader.exe -register

      I get the following warnings in the log file


      "LicenseCommandLine: ================================"

      "LicenseCommandLine: Registering"

      "LicenseCommandLine: Registration not posted because cached values are invalid. Run Tableau interactively for details."

      "LicenseCommandLine: ================================"

      "Application error code 536871029, name 'TABLEAU_ERROR_LICENSING_REGISTRATION_GENERAL', message: An error occurred during product registration."

      "LicenseCommandLine: ERROR: The operation failed. Application exit code set to: 536871029"

      "LicenseCommandLine: ERROR: The internal exception message was: An error occurred during product registration."

      "LicenseCommandLine: ================================"

      "LicenseCommandLine: Current license state is:"


      Running tabreader interactively (as advised in the warnings) shows all the fields populated as expected and the registration works by clicking on the "register" button.


      Why is there a difference between interactive registration and registration on the command line? Is there a bug? Did I do something wrong?