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    Map Rendering Performance Monitoring

    Devin Kidman

      Hello ,

      Our solution is an on-premise Tableau Server behind a firewall. To get our dashboards with maps working we've implemented a forward proxy. The network engineers believe their solution is working w/out bottlenecks or latency yet when a dashboard has a map (we have several) it takes upwards of two minutes to render. Dashboards w/out maps render in a couple/few seconds. I'm trying to formulate a plan to prove our Tableau Server is not the issue.

      Server stats: Windows 2012 R2, 6 CPU* w/ 48 Mb RAM

      * we reviewed these with our Tableau rep & a developer based on our dashboards, data, user count and usage (knowing 8 CPU is recommended)

      On this server we happen to be running an OEM version of Tableau 9.1.

      vizqlserver.browser.render = true

      The dashboards with maps data connections with extracts vs. live have the same render/lag time.


      I was going to run the following monitoring task to vet server performance

      to utilize the Tableau Server Performance workbook but that will set the landscape but not necessarily zero in on my issue of map rendering issues.


      My thoughts in this case were to view the workgroup PostgreSQL database table http_requests table assuming it would capture the send/response time to https://maps.tableausoftware.com WMS (web map service) but it really doesn't appear to split the request out. I honestly don't know how to narrow the issue (if it is indeed on our server or to prove it isn't). We have other on-premise solutions that don't have this problem (granted they have the same server config but different versions of Tableau; 9.0, 9.2, 10.0).


      Any suggestions on where/how to narrow down map performance?




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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Devin,


          Are you using Polygons (or Filled Maps) on your vizes?

          What happens if you would render geo-Marks as Dots?


          To test, please make a copy of your map viz using Circles as the Mark Type.

          Publish it to your TS and test side-by-side with your original 'slow map' viz.

          Could you see any difference in render timings?




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            Devin Kidman

            Thank you for responding Yuri. We actually display dots already to try to optimize the view.

            I timed the response of simply displaying the generic Havana map which displays in about 1 second. The frustrating thing is with the exact same setup I don't see these issues at other customers. I will keep your test in mind as I look for bottlenecks on the server itself. Something is bogging it down but at least with the havana test I believe I should rule out the forward proxy & network. When I find the issue I'll respond.




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              Devin Kidman

              The update:

              Problem #1, we we're using the default 'Run As User'. This doesn't allow Tableau Server to optimally perform.


              We also set vizqlserver.browser.render to false (more about this here) and force the server to handle all rendering. A double edge sword to performance but as some servers may not have an internet connection the map could occasionally not render but this would insure it always would; barring some other work around which we didn't want to entertain.


              This took care of almost all of our issues. From here we went into fine tuning of dashboards; removed polygon shading (there was one that did that), etc.

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