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    Data Prep-Data Types-not able to change when re-running a workflow

    Stacie Hite

      I'm just starting to experiment with Data Prep.  I created and saved a workflow to do some data clean-up that I do on a monthly basis.


      After checking to make sure the output was, indeed, what I need, I re-opened the workflow, clicked on "edit" in the drop-down of my data files and pointed to the next month's data file for both of my connections.


      In the first data file, there were a few errors that were easy to correct.  In the second file, I had two fields that Data Prep saw as numbers but which I need to be seen as string.  I can change only one of those fields to the data type: string.  When I go to change the other, it pops the first back to the data type: number.


      In the original workflow, I had both fields showing as string.


      Any ideas why I can't change both fields to string?