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      Hi communIty


      For each Filière, I need to have for "Soutien" KO & TA and For 'Catégorie'' I need to have : 1 Puissance .. ; 2 Energie;  3 Achat;  4 RemCo; 5 Prime Fixe


      target : Having the same configuration for each Filière ...



      Exemple Filière CIEL :

      Capture d’écran 2018-05-02 à 20.59.27.jpg

      but for EAU for exemple i haven't '1-Puissance' in categorie;  3 Achat; 4 Remco

      for CIEL I haven't KO for soutien




      My Target is :


      for exemple filière "EAU" : Even if I haven't Soutien "TA" for Filière "EAU I need to have filière "KO" with 0 in value Or Null

      idem for Catégorie ...


      Capture d’écran 2018-05-02 à 21.05.21.jpg


      I hope it's clear for you....


      I need it for an other service who download it in an other file...


      thanks a lot


      SEE YA