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    List of Damaged and Not Returned Materials

    Samuel Dharmaraj Thiagarajan

      I have a large set of data which has the material No. , serial no. , Material Description, Total price of the material, unit price of each material, and the project name. The main logic behind this is, each material have been used in several projects with distinct serial no. and they are categorized as Damaged, Not returned and new content based on the condition that the material is when it returns back from the customer after using.


      I want a dashboard where you can see the material description and the total cost of each material that have been damaged and not returned. I want a parameter where I can choose the top 5, 10, 15 and 20 materials that are damaged and not returned, a parameter to choose the year and a parameter to choose the project name.


      I have attached a sample of this kind of dashboard which I created on excel. Please refer to that and help me create the same model in tableau. I have also attached the tableau workbook in this.