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    Filtering twice from the same dimension

    Aneurin Bosley

      Hi Folks,

      I'm wondering if there's a straight-forward way to add two different filtered parts of a dimension to a single sheet. I'm looking at some survey data (which is sensitive so I can't post a packaged workbook), where multiple different questions are all contained within a single dimension. I've got a chart showing the number of respondents who identified their earnings within a certain range. This is QuestionID Q27. But I'd like to colour the bars according to the job type, which is QuestionID Q4. It seems a global filter isn't going to work. For the same reason, I haven't been able to make it work with parameters either. But maybe I don't fully understand the parameter control.

      If possible, I'd like to avoid having to go back to the drawing board on setting up the data.

      I've attached a screen shot showing the objective. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.