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    Adding Quarters to my existing 'Select Period' parameter

    Darrin Wenstrand

      Hi gang, once again i prostrate myself before the community gurus searching for help in meeting the needs of my cruel overlords.

      Months ago i asked about creating a date filter to select specific periods within the data set. All respect and gratitude to Shinichiro Murakami for replying with the solution. I just realized today that i'd not marked his solution as correct. Again, my sincere apologies.


      Now i need to add Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 selectors to that same filter with the following performance requests from the users.

      • If the user selects a quarter that is within the current year, the dashboard elements display accordingly.
        • for example if the user picks Q1 and it's May of 2018, they get Q1 of 2018. If they select Q2 they get all data up to current date of Q2 2018.
      • If the user selects a quarter that has not yet been reached in the current year, the dashboard elements display the appropriate quarter from the previous year.
        • If the user selects Q3 and it's May of 2018 they'll get Q3 of 2017 and blah blah you see the deal.


      This is my current calculated field called "Select Period Filter", which worked just fine originally but the users have requested to see actual fiscal quarters instead of consecutive previous quarters so i need to change the Q1 2 3 and 4 formulas.


      Sample goof-off workbook is attached and i added a dynamic date label to show the range of the selected period.


      For the love of Dogs, please help me.