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    Mapping - using filled maps

    Kat Lyons



      I'm currently trying to make a simple map to show new business opportunities. I have 1 excel list with 4 columns: Store Name, Zip Code, City, & the fourth column notates whether we currently sell to them or not / simple yes or no. I would like to see each of the locations plotted on the map by zip code, however, if two or more stores share the same Zip code, I can ONLY see one and it seems to choose alphabetically. This defeats the purpose of being able to plot my information on a map if it is only going to choose one. I would like to see the list when hovering over the zip code region on the map in a list. Does anyone know if this is possible?


      Additionally, I would like to be able to look at our current list of customers, by zip code, and Sales volume - however, I have the same problem where if we have multiple stores in the same zip code it will only show the information for one store.


      I have attached images - the first image is just the map, showing ORANGE for where we currently do not sell, and the blue for where we are selling, but again, it ONLY shows one store in the zip code range, and I'm even thinking that it determines the color based on the order it was on the list. For example, if there are two stores in the same zip code and we sell to one and one we do not, it must choose the color based on the order that it appeared in the data.