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    Boxplot with time data ?

    motorace addict

      In Tableau 10.5  -  i was able to do a boxplot on (Formula 1) drivers Laptimes but to do this had to have the laptimes as Numbers (decimal) format - not as time format (N:ss.000)

      (see attached pic)


      Recently upgraded to Tableau 2018.1  - laptimes needs to be in time format (N:ss.000)

      (if laptime is in number format, it shows laptimes as eg. 58:xx:xxx (1st Jan 1899 ?) instead of eg. 1:32:555 )



      the software will not allow me to select boxplot as an analysis tool on laptimes - its greyed out !


      Is it possible to do a boxplot on time data ?


      (viz can be found here http://ow.ly/N7qj30jfVUv - scroll to 'Qualifying Laptime boxplot' and 'Fastest Race Laptimes' )