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    Variable Height Rows

    . Berrett.Rice

      I have a set of data that I need to report on. One of the Rows values is a comment field that has anywhere from 1 to a few hundred words in it. I can drag the Height of the row to accommodate the longest comment, but that seems not to be ideal at all. Is there a way that I can make the Rows adjust automatically so that Rows with a few words in them are narrow and Rows with a lot of words in them are wider?

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          John Cantu

          Hi Berrett, not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish, but what if you used the LEN() function to derive the number of characters in the string, then drop it in the Size bucket to adjust the width? The longer the string, the wider.

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            . Berrett.Rice

            Thanks John - My data are privileged so I can't share them, but attached is an example of what I mean. Notice that I have a few columns of data that are just normal data points: Name, Goal Area, etc. But the last column of data has a bunch of text in it. In my real life example some of the Goal Text values are 2-3 words long, while others are a paragraph. I need to have them all be visible - I can't have any text cut off (like it is in this fake example) and I'd like to avoid the massive amount of blank space that I would have if I just stretch the Row Heights to accommodate the longest Goal Text values in the dataset.


            Can this be done?