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    Tableau Showing No Data when connected to Live


      Dear All,


      We use a ODBC connection to connect to db (SAS). When we are connecting to ds from Tableau, the connections seems fine(able to connect to DSN's and Sign in successfully) but after connecting , we see only table structure but not the data.


      The updated rows are getting retrieved when we change the connection level to Extract.


      May I know the reason why its not able to pull the data when it is connected to live.


      Steps Checked:


      - We see the data in original ds. So, no data issue

      - We checked the DSN configurations and they are good

      - We told the db team to refresh the jobs from their end and that didn't help us



      Tableau 10.4.0

      SAS db


      Please let me know if you need any details from my end. Thanks!