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    Mapping services by state

    Alyssa Ashton

      I am new to maps, and what I am trying to do is map different services offered in each state.  For example, if I have 5 different services, I would like to represent each by a different shape, and put these shapes on the map in the states the service is offered.  I would also like to show the total amount of each service offered in each state.  Any help is appreciated.

      I am using Tableau Desktop, 10.5

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Alyssa--


          If you're looking at plotting multiple shapes on state maps, you'll quickly discover your tiny (mostly eastern) states are downright impossible to graph with a standard map.


          You can move to a Hex Map, which may allow you to consistently plot your shapes within the hex.

          As an alternative, you can plot your shapes as pies, with the size reflective of the total amount.


          I suspect, however, that even with these options you will wind up with a viz that's exceptionally busy.


          You can cut the visual clutter by relying on the Viz in Tooltip function to display the details for selected state(s).

          Alternatively, you could make secondary graphs on the dashboard which are filtered by the user's selections.


          You have a lot of options... Do you have some data you can share?



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            Alyssa Ashton

            Thanks Michael,

            Luckily we do not have business in the Northeast!  So i will look into the Hex map.  And what you are describing for pie graphs, would each state have a pie graph over it, color coded to each service?


            Here is a simple example of our data.  I believe we are currently mapping this all out by hand, so I wanted to automate this with Tableau.


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              Michael Hesser

              I was thinking something like this:




              There's a lot of contextual information that goes into symbols (shapes), but I think if you're trying to fit several shapes into a single state, plus add a size to it, you're asking for more than my old eyes can handle!


              And here's an option using Tooltips... though you could make it show symbols instead.

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                Alyssa Ashton

                That's awesome.  Do you know of a good tutorial online to make a hex map?

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                  Michael Hesser

                  Yes! There are many Hex Maps online-- just Google it


                  Or you can take a gander at the 10.5 twbx I've attached


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