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    Find and Replace - Tableau Prep, common characters replacement.

    Danielle Johns

      Hello everyone,


      I'm pretty new to Prep.


      Basically I have a field with some rows beginning with the same 4 Characters -'zzz_' .


      Example Tablaru.png



      This pattern does not repeat all the way through on every row. For example, only the last few rows have 'zzz_' at the front, and the other 20 or so are perfectly fine as they are.


      How can I delete the first 4 characters in order to homogenize the data in my field? Sitting through and deleting them manually is laborious and i'm convinced there is a better way to do this....

      I have tried different techniques, but I don't think they are giving the desired results. My intention is to then join this homogenised field with another worksheet.


      I have attached an example flow to this question too.


      Thank you!!