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    Non exclusive if statement

    Jessica McBeth

      I am in urgent need of formula help. Googling efforts did not pay off. I will post to the tableau site, but hoping to get a quick response. Any assistance is appreciated. I am using Desktop 10.3.1


      I need a NON EXCLUSIVE calculated field. I think it is a nested field somehow, but not sure how.


      ID 17850

      At Risk

      Past Due

      ID 89037

      Past Due


      ID 30654

      At Risk

      Due in 60 days

      ID 39067





      I want a field (a filter at the end of the day) that will give me the IDs that are CONTAIN Past Due, New, At Risk ext


      So At Risk = 2

      Past Due = 2

      Extended = 1

      New = 1


      If I do

      if contains([ID], ‘At Risk’) then 1

      Elseif contains([ID],’Past Due’) then 1 etc


      I get At Risk = 2

      Past Due = 1  etc


      It will pull the 2 At Risk, but the IDs that have Past Due and Due in 60 days will not get put in a bucket, The IDs will appear in multiple buckets at the end of the day.

      Thanks, in advance, for your help.