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    Concatenate strings from one ID within calculated field

    Maximilian Haberland

      Hi everybody,


      Im looking for a way to concatenate strings (from different rows) for one ID within a calculated field.


      My data looks somewhat like this:


      ID         String         

      1          apple        

      2          pear

      3          carrot

      4          apple

      2          banana

      3          pineapple

      5          carrot


      In the calculated field I would like to see something like this:


      ID         String          Calculated Field

      1          apple            apple

      2          pear             pearbanana

      3          carrot           carrotpineapple

      4          apple            apple

      2          banana         pearbanana

      3          pineapple     carrotpineapple


      My goal is identify a certain string (e.g. pearbanana) and be able to delete it form my visaulization within the dashboard via a filter.


      Thank you for your answer!