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    Matching Colours from a Map to a Barchart in a Dashboard

    Arjen Groeneveld

      Hi All,

      I am looking to match the colours of a bar chart to the colours of multiple maps. So some kind of dynamic colour coding..


      As part of the makeovermonday challenge about Annual Bee Colony loss in the US, I have created a dashboard with multiple maps of the US. Each map shows a particular year and the annual bee colony loss per state. When you hover over a state all the other maps are highlighted AND a bar chart at the bottom also updates to show the particular state over the years.


      So far, so good. Now I want the colours of the barchart to match the colours as shown in the maps. This is not just a matter of dragging annual loss to the colour shelf in the barchart as it will then calculate the colour per state, while in the maps the colour for each state is calculated over the entire US.


      I hope this question makes any sense, see below picture for more info:


      Thanks a lot in Advance for any help or suggestions!

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