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    Tableau Prep - Live Data

    Stephen Groff

      Hi Folks,


      I have a fairly simple question that doesn't seem so obvious to me when going from Tableau Prep into Tableau Desktop.  But that's only because I'm still new to Tableau.


      Are the outputs you create in Prep based on live data?  I do not want to use extracts.  The confusion here is by which the process is a little different... that what I've been doing....


      1.  Choose data source (which in my case is usually an Excel reference file and via a Oracle database connection).

           - The confusion is selecting my file (output) that Tableau Prep saved for me when I ran the flow.

                -  Do I just open the .tds file?  Is this a direct link to my data that will auto-refresh just as it would if I directly connected to my Oracle Database?


           1a.  If the .tds file is the one I choose and is a live data connection, does that mean each 'Output' I create via Tableau Prep will have to be individually added in Tableau Desktop?


           1b.  If the .tds file is not the one I choose, then could someone define the process as far as creating the Output/Running the Flow and inserting what you've created in Tableau Prep into Tableau Desktop?


      Thanks a million.

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          Tableau Prep outputs data into three formats.


          .tde (Tableau extract for versions below 10.5)

          .hyper (Tableau extract for versions above/equal to 10.5)

          .csv (comma separated value, a flat file format).



          You cannot have a "live-query" to your datasource running through Prep.


          1: The tde is a "dead" extract. Meaning it has no knowledge of the Prep flow that created it. It just contains an extract of the data outputted from prep.

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            Stephen Groff

            I appreciate the reply.  I was really excited to work with Prep right up until I read your reply.  I connect to most of my data through Oracle databases, and real-time data is a big deal in my workplace...  so the fact that anything I do in Tableau Prep can't be brought over to Tableau Desktop with live/real-time data is disheartening.  It's a wonderful tool, but it lacks the functionality I require... Perhaps in the future.  Thank you!