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    How to manipulate tooltip behavior


      Hi  --


      I have a few measure values (ex: Age, Gender, Ethnicity) and their % values (%age, %gender) that are separate calculated fields. I am trying to create a table view by placing my measure values (age, gender, ethnicity) on the rows and incorporating their  % measures into the tooltip. The only way I can achieve this view is by creating a bar or area chart because tableau separates out my measure values into its own marks card and I can go in a add in my % values into the tooltip and details. However, that is not the case when I'm trying to create a table view or pie chart.


      Would anyone have any insight on this issue?



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          Pauline Le Corvec

          Hello maheen.mian.0,


          Would you be able to share your workbook with us (as a .twbx) so we can see how your calculations and your view are built?


          Suggesting this in case you haven't tried but you can use built in Table Calculations that help you explore your data even more, see Table Calculation Types for more info.  A screenshot/example below, I used a Percent of Total table calculation that show me the percentage of sales per sub-catgory only for items that were ordered in 2017. By default, the view is a crosstab and the % is added to my tooltip (and I can edit it if needed):

          Hope this helps a little bit. Have a great day!


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            Hi Pauline,


            Thank you for the response -- I am unable to perform a table calculation on my measure value because my % measure values are calculated differently using a formula. Applying a table calculation on my measure values will not yield the correct results. However, I did find a workaround. If you create multiple dummy measure calculations and place it on the row shelf, this will create multiple marks card and you can place your desired values on the text, details, and tooltips.