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    Working Day Calculation- Don't want to include Saturday and Sunday

    Mahesh Rakwal

      Hi All


      I have one dimension (Next Ordering window) for which i want to show Date Range for eg. (1-6-2018 to 5-6-2018).


      Calculation Logic:


      Date range will be First 5 working days of next month. For eg Current Month is May. So the date range will be 1st June 2018 (Friday) to 7th June 2018(Thursday). By excluding Saturday (2nd June) and Sunday (3rd June). I need to display first 5 working days of month.


      Calculation Name : Number_2nd_Line_6_30

      Logic :

      IF [Week_Day] = 'WD1-5' THEN STR(' ')



      MONTH(TODAY()) <12


      '1'+"-"+str(MONTH(TODAY())+1)+"-"+str(YEAR(TODAY()))+" to "+'5'+"-"+str(MONTH(TODAY())+1)+"-"+str(YEAR(TODAY()))


      '1'+"-"+'1'+"-"+str(YEAR(TODAY())+1)+" to "+'5'+"-"+'1'+"-"+str(YEAR(TODAY())+1)




      For this i am getting 1-6-2018 to 5-6-2018 but this is incorrect as it includes saturday and sunday.



      PEACE (V)