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    URL Filter not working when using multiple filters

    Peter van der Veen



      I have been searching the forum for the answer but so far I haven't been able to find a solution for my problem.

      I have a  workbook contains 3 databases and I have a dashboard with multiple sheets in such way I use data from all 3 databases on it.

      I uploaded the workbook to our tableau server so our e-mail server can create and sent a pdf of the dashboard using a url.

      However the url contains 3 filters, one of each database and I during testing I found one filter is not working properly.

      Strangely enough when creating an url with only the "bugged" filter that filter works fine.





      Nog Bugged



      Rearranging the filters does not help.


      Now I question: Why is the filter working when it's the only filter in the url but not when 2 other filters are included?


      Other info that might be useful

      The database with the "bugging" filter is not blended, the other 2 database are blended on one sheet.

      The database with the "bugging" filter is joined with 2 other databases.