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    Dual Axis Legend

    jason Weiss

      This is driving me so nuts, I have created a dual axis chart comparing approved project spend vs actual project spend. it works great I mam just trying to find some way to show that the diamond was the approved spend and the bar is the actual, as much try I cant get tableau to generate a legend for these two measures?  Is there a work around or another way that i can demonstrate this?


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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Jason


          Is it something like one of the chart below? if yes, please find my sample workbook attached.




          Hope this helps



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            jason Weiss

            Thank you Zhouyi,


            I was hoping I could find a way to just illustrate that a diamond mean budget, both of the methods you have shown involve adding a variable to the shape.  but for the purposes of what I am doing I do not need to change the color or shape of this budget indicator?


            I am really surprised that there is not a way that I can easily show this?



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              Zhouyi Zhang

              Hi, Jason


              thanks for your feedback, but now I am even more confused. Can you describe more details about the end result you expected?



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                Michael Hesser

                Hi Jason--

                Please see Zhouyi Zhang's attachment (not the pictures).

                In the attachment on Sheet1 (2), he has made visible the Shape Legend. If you make this visible, you can get the single key you're after.


                Please mark ZZ's answer as correct if this does the trick!


                It's possible you want to show both Approved and Actual in one key, though. You can do that, though it  may take a couple of extra steps:


                • I opened a new worksheet and changed my Marks type to Shape
                • I created two Measures-- Actual and Approved, and assigned them the value of 1 and 2 respectively.
                • I dropped these into Filters and limited the Measure Names to Actual and Approved
                • I dropped the filtered Measure Names onto Rows, Color, Shape, and Detail
                • I edited to the Shapes so Actual is a filled block and Approved is an empty diamond
                • I edited the Colors so Actual is blue and Approved is red
                • NOW I can copy the resulting worksheet into the dashboard with my original to have a key that is both color & shape combined!



                Please note I'm building all of this on ZZ's work!


                Good luck! --Michael

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                  Andrew Watson

                  I find the easiest way to do this, although highly inelegant to the purists, is to make use of the snipping tool and paint to create an image to serve as my legend.

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                    Michael Hesser

                    "Whatever works, works." -- Someone Important

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