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    Dimension nesting

    shweta s

      Hi everyone,


      Am newbie to Tableau, i have a requirement where am creating audit report..


      Approached i used is freeform SQL with case condition that satisfy my requirement..

      e,.g for no customer ph no I wrote case statemnet as IF customer ph is null then 1 else 0 end as No-customer-phone , I have 10 such case statements..

      I then converted them to sum(measure) and displayed on grid...


      Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 6Header 7
      Customer namecustomer No  work ph numbercustomer No email idcustomer addressInvalid mobile ph
      abcanjali.sharma@gmail.comwalnut creek ,ca





      Output should be:

      Invalid name-                     2 (null,mno*hj)

      No Customer ph number -2 (null)

      No email -                         1(null)

      Invalid email -                   1 (###***sdhb@e.com)

      No address -                    2(nUll)

      Invlid ph no -                    4(Null ,6666666666,999999777777777)


      problem am facing is am not getting the above count as it gets nested



      I tried sets,groups but nothing worked.... please help me resolve this.