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    Slow maps

    Ed Gorwell

      Hi folks,


      I'm very new to Tableau. I've developed this map to embed in a webpage, but it is loading much too slowly to be used. When you try to zoom or move the view, it freezes. It seems to work quickly in Tableau desktop, but not online.




      Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can hasten the render time?


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!





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          Toby Erkson

          Ed, I moved your question to the Forum as the original location you posted is meant for questions directly related to the forums itself, not Tableau products.  Don't worry, it is confusing at first so no harm


          I checked a map on my company's Tableau Server and it rendered quickly so I don't think this is an issue with the Tableau mapping service.  I'm not a Desktop person so I won't be able to help here but to help others, are you using a shape file or custom polygons?  The delay may be due to the complex underpinnings of your specific worksheet.

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            Sarah Battersby

            This also loads up and responds quickly to me using the Tableau Public link (I tried some selections, panning/zooming, etc.).  I also downloaded the workbook and don't see any issues to point out why it would be slower when you load it.  Since you're using the Tableau custom geocoding there shouldn't be any major complexity in the data slowing things down. 



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