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    Show graphs based on some condition

    pinki sharma

      Hi Guys,


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      I have sensors (temperatures ,alarms )  data. i have a tabular list  which shows  sensor name , alarm condition etc. Some sensors are not in alarm condition and some shows alarms based on some threshold.

      Alarmed sensors are shown in red. Now , at the bottom of tabular chart, i want to show  timeline view of particular sensors which shows alarm. Different timeline view for different sensors(Alarming). I created different timeline graphs for all sensors and place at the bottom of tabular chart but our customer wants timeline view of sensors which shows alarms.


      Later i used parameter (listed all sensors)approach but here i can show one graph at a time . So it didnt work for me.


      You can see from the dashboard , only 3 sensors shows alarms so i want to show 3 timeline view for these alarming sensors.



      Help me to resolve this problem statement.


      Thanks in advance!!




      Pinki Sharma