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    list  of  order  returned  from  customers  and  compare  it  to  the original  sales,Map top 10 countries, with most of the refunds.

    Dinu Pd

      I am trying to get 'returned orders and trying to compare with the sales', for that I did I left join for 'Returns' on to 'Orders' on Order ID and I got the orders were returned.


      • Order ID to the Rows Shelf
      • Sales to the Columns Shelf
      • Returned to the Filters shelf and set it to "Yes"


      This gives me the Sales value (return value) of all of the returns.


      but unfortunately when I am comparing original sales with the returned ones and it shows same 1,079 records for both and I am not able to compare.


      For the continuation of the same , I sorted the visualization in ascending order in terms of returned order, and I am trying to MAP Top 10 countries in term of refunds.


      For that I took 'return_order ID's(same viz) as one set before adding the sales into my columns ,and I created one more set for top 10 countries but I am unable to combine sets, because no common column between them.


      I tried another way as, I took same filter(Returned,'Yes') for another worksheet and I added another country filter as 'Top 10 country' in filter shelf and I added my returned filter in to context.I didn't get it.Is there any other way to get this using LOD calculation.


      My goal is to:

      1) Map top 10 countries, with most of the refunds.

      2) Predict the returned sale with lowest and actual forecast of the data.


      any help appreciated.Thanks