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    Custom Views

    Renee Palardy

      How many Custom Views can be saved on Tableau Server  Dashboard?

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          kumar bharat

          Hi Renee,

          There is no limit as such on custom views per user but the more the number of views the more server space is occupied.

          It is better to limit it with needed custom views to save server space and make the server run at optimal speed.

          Limitations - number of Custom Views?

          Stats for Space Usage


          Hope it helps.



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            Jambesh Mahapatra

            Is there a limitation on number :  no limitation as each is a separate view/workbook by itself.

            Will it have any issue ?


            It depends, if it impact or not  on your server/infra - depend on how you want to build and how you want to use it.


            Few scenario  from my point of view-

            If you have live connection and fairly simple use cases - Server space should not be a constraint.

            If you have live connection but you want to integrate your tableau metadata with some enterprise information like say (HR Reporting hierarchy etc).  you may have slow experience but might not have space issue.

            If you want to built several custom views using lot of metadata information and duplicate the tableau data model one or other way  and build many extracts  without any filters ... you might run into  space issue .



            if depends how you want to use  or re-use the  meta data model  to know  how it will impact on your environment and end users.

            Consider and minimize duplicate data model as much possible , if you have plan to build several similar custom viewes from similar data model.