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    Top xxx by state tooltip visualization

    Eric Viglotti



      I'm struggling to figure out how to show the top 10 or so records for each item in a hover.


      Specifically, if you look at the standard map that is created with the Superstore, the tooltip visualization is the "Profit Ratio by City" and for large states, such as California, it cuts off at the bottom leaving the generic "View too large" message.


      Instead of that, I would like to show the top 10 records for each state so it never has that message. If you look at the attached, the problem I have is that it is only showing the city if it is one of the top 10 cities across the nation not for just that state. That means California shows a few, but some states don't show any as they don't have any cities that are in the top 10 overall.


      How do I work around this? I want to make sure that both the top 10 and the sort of the visualization are in context of just that state.