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    I need to count the number of instances an ID appears

    Matt Johnson



      I need to figure out something that mimics the CountIF function in Excel. I googled this but didn't find anything that fit my situation. Basically I have a list of individuals who let their membership in certain Organizations lapse. I'd like to create a field that shows the number of times each individual person has let their membership in that organization lapse. Basically, the count of each individual Membership ID. What I'd like to do is create a viz that I could show to an organization that says, "hey, over the course of a 5 year period, you've had 100 members lapse 4 times. The average organization only has 15 members who lapse 4 times in that span. Perhaps you need a better system to remind them to renew their memberships on time." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



      Membership IDOrganization NameYear of Lapse
      393168_NYCFA Society New York2016
      604246_TRCFA Society Toronto2012
      604246_TRCFA Society Toronto2016
      581625_EDCFA Society Edmonton2017
      654049_PHCFA Society Philadelphia2017
      224962_TRCFA Society Toronto2012
      647629_STCFA Society Seattle2013
      294892_SPCFA Society Spokane2012
      973546_SPCFA Society Spokane2016
      249204_HOCFA Society Houston2017
      104497_NCCFA Society North Carolina2014
      104497_NCCFA Society North Carolina2016
      640693_MOCFA Montreal2014
      560205_TRCFA Society Toronto2014
      560205_TRCFA Society Toronto2016
      560205_TRCFA Society Toronto2017
      570035_ALCFA Society Alabama2017
      408034_SYCFA Society Sydney2012
      257751_INCFA Society Indianapolis2015
      354944_PHCFA Society Philadelphia2017
      327502_BSCFA Society Boston2013
      327502_BSCFA Society Boston2015
      327502_BSCFA Society Boston2016
      671829_NYCFA Society New York2012
      671829_NYCFA Society New York2015
      407981_NCCFA Society North Carolina2012
      646432_STCFA Society Seattle2012
      646432_STCFA Society Seattle2014
      646432_STCFA Society Seattle2015