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    when today's data is null, how to use previous values

    Sudhir Rathod

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a static dashboard that's being refreshed every weekday.  On Monday, we don't have data due to Sunday being no activity day so Monday's Dashboard shows "non performance".  The user would like to show Friday's data on Monday.  I researched a lot and found some good solutions; however, here is a catch with this data.  There are some forecasts which are calculated for the entire month so even if it's just the beginning of May, I would have data up to end of month.  Only the actual fields are the ones that's being populated on a daily basis.


      I tried this and it shows previous value but how to apply this logic to only be in place for Monday and rest of the weekdays I just want yesterday's data.


      IIF(ISNULL(SUM([Retail MTD])),

      PREVIOUS_VALUE(SUM([Retail MTD])),

      SUM([Retail MTD]))


      Thank you!