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    week to date, period to date and year to date

    Xeni Xenu

      Hello everyone,


      I would like to show week to date, period to date and year to date sales values in a table by function type. I would like the table to be split so that for e.g. period to date it will show target and actual sales. My data has 13 sales period per year (1 - 13) and the sales period year begins 1st of April, e.g. Period 1 2016 begins 1/04/15 and ends 28/04/15 and period 13 begins 1/03/16 and ends 31/03/2016.


      I have a column which shows sales purchase date, I would like this to be used to show weekly sales, and the period to be shown as per period and year etc. I would like to filter by year and also by period, thus maybe have 2 of these filters.


      In the target sales data sheet, the target do not have calendar dates only periods, whereas the sales data has calendar, therefore when populating the weekly target figure for the target sales, is there a way of using the the period data for the target e,g, period 1 function - quality control = 30,000, then divide that by 4 to get a weekly sales figure for period 1? I'm not too sure, I am open to any option.


      Attached is the packaged workbook and a image to show of the table to show how I would like the table to look like, I have tried using the Date function to try and get the time period calculations and I was pulling in strange data ;/ ...any help is very much appreciated